giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Florentine Tripe

I'll try, for the foreign visitors looking for some tuscan recipes, to translate in english some of them. This is one of my favourites, the florentine tripe. Maybe it could be difficult to find it in an ordinary market outside Italy but I'm pretty sure you can ask for it to your butcher.
Please let me know if someone of you has tryed to make it. :)

Ingredients: Tripe of bovine; tomato puree 200g; a half onion (better if white); a tablespoon of tomato's concentrate. Salt, parmesan cheese.

Mince the onion in small parts, put it in a big pan and let it fry until the onion gets blasted

Pour the tomato souce and the concentrate in the pan and simmer.

Wash the tripe and cut it into little stripes with some scissors.

Put the tripe into the pan together with two glasses of water and the salt. Simmer for one hour and a half. Add water if it needs.

 When you finish, put it in plates together with some unsalted butter (not a lot) and parmesan cheese.
Enjoy it.

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